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Interview on NTR24 TV, Benevento (Italy): "Processione per il centenario dell'ordinazione sacerdotale di Padre Pio"

posted Aug 13, 2010, 2:01 PM by Michael Di Giovine
Gennaro Fusco, Mayor of Pietrelcina, and Michael A. Di Giovine, Anthropologist from the University of Chicago, were interviewed during Pietrelcina's pilgrimage commemorating the 100th Anniversary of St. Padre Pio's ordination in Benevento, Italy's cathedral on August 10. Speaking on the relationship of Padre Pio, pilgrimage, and Pietrelcina, Di Giovine remarked (in Italian): "There is great faith here in Pietrelcina, which spurs the people to revitalize themselves, to re-emerge, let's say, from a more difficult period to a more healthy one. Here in Pietrelcina, they take the image--that is, the idea--of the saint, the faith in the saint, and above all, the potential of tourism and pilgrimage as a valorization of their own culture, their own faith, their own place in this world. This has been the most interesting aspect [of the research] for me." Watch the clip here.